On May weekend, sailors in Gdynia will moor their boats in Marina Yacht Park

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 07:51

In the center of Gdynia, a yacht marina is being built, which will be on par with the most modern marinas in Europe.Marina Yacht Park will offer a modern management system and functional facilities tailored to the needs of most demanding sailors.Polski Holding Nieruchomości is the investor of the marina.

The city center of Gdynia is taking on a new character, becoming a representative showcase of the city. One of the most modern marinas in Europe is being built as part of the revitalization of Molo Rybackie. The marina located in Gdynia at ul. Arkadiusza Rybickiego will have berths for 120 units with a maximum length of 14 meters, and it will be possible to book a place at the marina from any part of the world.

“The transformation of Gdynia’s quay is unique on the national scale.Industrial areas of the city inaccessible before will be made available to residents with a new function.I am convinced that Marina Yacht Park will increase the attractiveness of Gdynia’s city center and that it will be able to compete for sailors with marinas in Northern Europe,”said Marcin Mazurek, President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A.

The Marina will stand out for its stylish, thoughtful design and the use of the highest quality materials. Wooden composite benches will be created in the pier stairs. Pier fenders will be made from oak wood.In compliance with the latest trends, only energy-saving LEDs will be used for lighting. Sailors will be able to use modern mooring systems.In addition, pedestals providing drinking water and electricity will be installed on the piers that will be available to marina guests.

“Marina Yacht Park stands out not only due to its perfect location in the very heart of Gdynia, but also with its modern systems, a wide range of services and full automation of devices.On May weekend we will welcome the first sailors from Poland and abroad,”added Marcin Mazurek, President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A.

Works on the surface part have been completed and finishing works are being carried out regarding the harbor master’s office, which will include social facilities, 15 showers, toilets, laundry room, boatswain’s room, forecastle, and a room for training and meetings.The marina will also provide services, e.g. those of a mechanic, sail maker and boat builder.




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