The symbol of Fighting Poland will appear on the Intraco building

Friday, July 29, 2016 (All day)

The anchor-shaped symbol of Fighting Poland will appear tonight at dusk on the Intraco building belonging to Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. Group, situated at ul. Stawki 2. The lights lit in 72 windows, on 8 floors between the 30th and 37th floor, will create the symbol of the Polish Underground State. The anchor will also appear on INTRACO on days which mark the end of the uprising – from September 30, 2016 to October 3, 2016.
“In this untypical manner, we want to pay tribute to the fallen insurgents, persons who survived 63 days of the uprising, and the inhabitants of Warsaw. Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. and its employees have been connected with Warsaw for many years, and the Intraco building is one of the capital’s hallmarks. With this small gesture, we want to commemorate our ancestors fighting for freedom and independence, and together with Warsaw residents celebrate the history of the heroic capital,” said Maciej Jankiewicz, President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A.

The action has also been joined by the building’s tenants, including Sasol Poland Sp. z o.o., Everest Investmenst S.A., Hoerbiger Polska Sp. z o.o., Marubeni Corporation S.A., Tax Chamber in Warsaw, Alora Sp. z o.o., Agencja JOCHYM and Arminex Trading Sp. z o.o., for which we heartily thank them.

The anchor-shaped symbol of Fighting Poland was widely used during World War II. The sign in which the part resembling the letter P stands for Poland, and W-shaped arms mean the fight or an “anchor”, symbolizes the hope for regaining independence.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group

The Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group is the leading managing investor in the commercial property market in Poland. It is one of the largest companies in the sector in terms of the market value of its portfolio, which includes 140 properties and nearly 700 ha of land across the country (e.g. in Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tri-City). PHN has long experience both in real estate management and investment project implementation. The Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since February 2013.


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