Appointment of Vice-President, Board Member for Asset Management of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. - by the Supervisory Board

Current report No. 9/2015 of February 6, 2015
Friday, February 6, 2015

Legal basis (selected in ESPI):
Art. 56.1.2 of the Act on Public Offering - current and periodical information

The Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. (the "Company" or "Issuer") hereby informs that the Company's Supervisory Board, under Resolution of February 6, 2015, appointed Mr. Mateusz Matejewski for the position of Vice-President, Board Member for Asset Management of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. as of February 6, 2015.

From April 29, 2011, Mr. Mateusz Matejewski served as Member of the Supervisory Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A., and on October 20, 2014, was named Vice-President, Board Member for Asset Management on a temporary basis for a period not exceeding 3 months. On February 6, 2015, Mr. Mateusz Matejewski resigned from the function of Member of the Issuer's Supervisory Board.

Mateusz Matejewski graduated from the Institute of Public Affairs of the Jagiellonian University, where he studied Management in Public Administration. He also completed an MBA Executive program of the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as numerous training courses on enterprise management, including project and process management. Mateusz Matejewski gained his professional experience while working in public administration (1999-2009). After that, as Director of the Shared Service Center, he was responsible for the entity's organizational and legal transformation and restructuring processes. He participated in establishing the Central Procurement Entity (Centralny Zamawiający) for government administration. In 2013-2014, he served as Vice-President of the Management Board of Soda Polska Ciech S.A., where he was in charge of restructuring processes, traffic maintenance and IT. His main professional achievements include successful transformation and restructuring, as well as organizational optimisation processes. For many years, he was President of the Supervisory Board of GEOVITA S.A., Towarzystwo Obrotu Nieruchomościami "AGRO" S.A. and PGE Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz S.A. Since the establishment of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A., he has worked as Member of the Company's Supervisory Board.

Mr. Mateusz Matejewski declared that there is no conflict of interest in fulfilling his role of Vice-President, Board Member for Asset Management. Moreover, Mr. Mateusz Matejewski declared that he carries out no competitive business outside the Company and that he conducts no activities at the Company's competitors, as Member of governing bodies of a company or as a shareholder in a civil law partnership, and that he does not participate in the activities of any competitive incorporated entity as a member of its governing body. Mr. Mateusz Matejewski also declared that he is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors, maintained under the National Court Register Act of August 20, 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 168, item 1186, as amended).

Legal basis:
Article 5.1.22 and Article 28 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance of February 19, 2009 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and the conditions of recognizing information required by the regulations of non-member states as equivalent.

Signatures of the Company’s representatives:
Artur Lebiedziński – President of the Management Board
Włodzimierz Stasiak – Member of the Management Board for Finance